Who We Are

At IMM we are a group of creatives that all rally around one idea: that unforgettable stories have the potential to empower the movers and shakers of our world today. For us, this means creating videos to tell those stories.

Our Crew

Wesley Dean

CEO and Founder

I simply love producing videos that are beautiful, tell stories and make a difference in the world. It was post-college that I saw the potential to be an effective communicator through videos. Since that realization several years ago, I have had the opportunity to tell stories from all over the globe. My work shines the most when I am in the developing world, away from the big studios. I love going into a remote place and coming out with shots that not only look beautiful, but, when edited together, help communicate a very important message. Creating IMM has been a way for me to continue doing this with the invaluable help of other talented individuals.


Raphael Derungs


Being a storyteller is about amplifying people’s voices, encouraging them to speak up and tell the world about their past, present, and dreams of the future. On the technical side this means conceptualizing, scripting, animating, editing, and the best part: filming. I’ve had the privilege of telling people’s stories from the farthest reaches of northern Uganda, to the hilly coastland of Sierra Leone, to the frozen tundra that is South Dakota. When I’m not in the studio you can find me carving through the mountains on my motorbike, playing guitar, or cooking up a storm.

Aaron Fussner


Nothing motivates me more than telling a good story that immerses you in a complete world, and moving images are my favorite way of creating those worlds. Existing in a near-constant state of movement from Indonesia to the American Midwest, New Zealand and beyond has not only given me a stock of great accents but an appreciation for different perspectives and working with just about anyone. My background as a media journalism student, educator, and filmmaker help me to identify the core of a story and how that moves an audience to think differently about the world or take action. As a producer with InterMotion Media I work with you to craft the story you have to tell and bring together the resources that make your story stick.

Robbie Kuehn

Video Editor

I’ve always loved the power of stories. I read voraciously as a child and as an adult I’ve  been drawn to movies and songs that make me feel strong emotions. I began working with videography years ago as a hobby and seeing how people react to stories that have depth made me passionate about using it as a medium to affect change in communities around the world. In todays world power for change is in stories and communicating them well. I want to always use my talents and skills to share the stories of those people and organizations around the world who are doing amazing things to affect their communities.

Our Story

Born out of Quito, Ecuador, IMM truly has its roots in internationally focused video productions for small-scale organizations. In 2013 our first D.C. based office was opened in Alexandria, VA. From that small 75 sq. ft. office we launched our first full fledged studio in the heart of Old Town Alexandria in 2014. Now, we are a fully functioning, state of the art production studio with full time producers and additional support staff.

Ready to tell your story?