GC16 | Stories of Transformation


Watch the videos.

The challenge.

Every four years, the Wesleyan church from around the world gathers together to celebrate stories of transformation and look ahead to the future.

We were tasked with gathering the most profound stories of change from churches around the country, and shaping a rebranding of the organization based around this central identity of regeneration. 


The story.

This led us to a derelict barn in Wisconsin, where under the broken beams and scattered debris Dan and Elizabeth Hagans recounted their personal transformation.  “Satan was my best friend”, said Dan. “We were really obsessed with evil for a while”, said Elizabeth, “it was bad and I wanted out.”

While in the planning stage we identified the critical moments in their story, and with the help of the Hagans, found locations that illustrated and recreated their experience.  

The results we delivered.

The result was an energized and powerful branding package that included flagship videos for web promotion as well as tailor made stories for the conference that energized their audience and resulted in galvanizing social media activity.

Over 70,000 views later, our client had stories that they felt truly showed their unique identity and captured an audience.

Collin Belt