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Your Video Roadmap

In the early days, a lot of our conversations with clients started like this,

Client: “We need a video.”

Notice that they don’t start off stating their goal or what they want to accomplish, but they believe that a video is what they need.  And since we were a video production company, we would produce a video for them.

Did it solve their goals?  We never knew, because we hadn’t actually determined why they needed a video in the first place.

What if the conversation went like this instead:

Client: “We need to consistently generate more awareness for our company and then we need to decisively convert more prospects into purchasing customers.”

That is much more specific.  And the type of video you use to generate awareness isn’t always the same type of video that you would use to convert people on the sidelines into active customers.

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Have you clearly defined your goals and do you know how you will integrate it into a sales funnel process?  If not you need to watch this video to understand these two mistakes that people often make.

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Here's what you'll learn in this guide. . .

Identify what your goal is.  Your goal should never be to have a video.  It should always be what you really want.  Do you need to convert more leads, raise general awareness, fundraise or simply educate your audience.  You create different kinds of content for different goals.

Understand the basics of a sales funnel.  If you just produce a video and put it out there hoping it will work magic for you, that’s just too unrealistic.  Videos need to be plugged into a sales process with multiple touch points and emails.  Especially if your goal is to make a purchase or take action, there have to be multiple touch points in a funnel.