InterMotion is a media production team that helps purpose-driven organizations tell unforgettable stories.

Videos that inspire your audience to act.

InterMotion is a media production team that helps purpose-driven organizations tell unforgettable stories.


Stories transform hearts and minds.

Information is easy to come by, and just about anyone can make a video, but it's story-driven content that promotes change.


Some of the organizations whose stories we've told include...

InterMotion Media collaborates seamlessly with our team to create professional, engaging videos. I appreciate their creative approach and the fresh insights they bring to each project we do together.
— DOMINIC KIRALY | Director, Global Campus, United States Institute of Peace
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Your challenge.

With literally thousands of causes vying for attention, you need to first connect with viewers at an emotional level.


How we can help.

We specialize in crafting videos that inspire people at a deeper level and then have a clear call to action that motivates them to move.

InterMotion Media’s succinct method of communicating World Hope International’s programs has helped us double revenue from 2013 to 2014.
— JOHN LYON | CEO, World Hope International
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Our three-step process.

Nobody likes surprises. Here's how we ensure that your video delivers results on time.

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1. Plan

We listen to your story, and discover who you are. We'll work together to leverage your story to best meet your goals.

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2. Film

Then we capture the raw narrative. We handle all the details including crew, equipment, scheduling and securing locations.

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3. Edit

Finally, we edit the footage and fine tune everything from color to audio. Now you can share your story with the world. 

Whether the project leads to the jungles of Africa, marketplaces of India, or the streets of my hometown, they deliver a beautifully crafted story with our organization’s values.
— Kory Pence | Creative Director, The Wesleyan church

Our team has a wild passion for storytelling.

I love going into a remote place and coming out with shots that not only look beautiful, but, when edited together, help communicate a very important message. Creating InterMotion has been a way for me to continue doing this with the invaluable help of other talented individuals.
— Wesley Dean | CEO & Founder of InterMotion Media

video storytelling EDUCATION

Learn to inspire.

Let's work together

Tell your story.

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