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InterMotion Media has been a part of the United States Institute of Peace, Global Campus team for over three years.

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About the project.

InterMotion Media has been a part of the United States Institute of Peace, Global Campus team for over three years.

Together, and with a great deal of success, we’ve created multiple online training courses, ranging from Strategic Peacebuilding to Monitoring and Evaluation.  In early 2015 we decided it was time to take our online courses to the next level.  What would it look like to take our proven methods for creating dynamic, online courses and give them a complete, top-to-bottom facelift with a new look and a new feel?

Our approach.

Creating a brand new look for the Global Campus’s online courses meant that we needed to take a step back and reevaluate all our methods for creating content. Everything.

From the branding and identity of the Global Campus, to the cameras we used for filming instructors was considered as we overhauled the courses. After several brainstorming sessions in collaboration with the Global Campus team, we started to form the various aspects for our new look.

Our solution.

Our brainstorming sessions produced one huge target that we were now ready to aim for: infinity white backgrounds on all training videos.

We knew this method would be visually appealing and would allow us to present learners with both a course instructor and additional visual content–in the form of text or graphics–at the same time.  We started by re-evaluating our techniques and creating new methods and workflows specifically tailored to allow our producers to effectively and efficiently create a large volume of training videos in a short amount of time.  Filming methods were refined, templates were hand-crafted for texts and graphic elements, and overall branding and promotional pieces were put together.

The results we delivered.

The Global Campus team is proud to announce the launch of this new online course platform with their flagship course titled “Civil Resistance and the Dynamics of Nonviolent Movements”.

This course is one of many to come, and has already engaged thousands of participants from across the globe.  With a rich database of content and a multitude of participant interactions and positive feedback, we are confident that this course will remain a valuable resource to peacebuilders across the globe for a long time to come.

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