InterMotion is a media production team that helps purpose-driven organizations tell unforgettable stories.

We are a group of creatives that rally around one idea: that unforgettable stories have the potential to empower the movers and shakers of our world today.

We create videos to tell those stories.

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Meet our team.


Wesley Dean


I simply love producing videos that are beautiful, tell stories and make a difference in the world. It was post-college that I saw the potential to be an effective communicator through videos. Since that realization several years ago, I have had the opportunity to tell stories from all over the globe. My work shines the most when I am in the developing world, away from the big studios. I love going into a remote place and coming out with shots that not only look beautiful, but, when edited together, help communicate a very important message. Creating IMM has been a way for me to continue doing this with the invaluable help of other talented individuals.

Olivia Graziano

Creative Director

Visual storytelling is a powerful media; it has the power to change the way people think and live.  That's one of the first things that drew me to video production.  My travels to Iceland, Cambodia, France, England, Belgium and Honduras have given me a wide appreciation for different cultures and ways of life and helped me develop my skills with a camera and during the post-production editing process.  I enjoy trying new things, reflecting deeply and exploring the outdoors.

Our story.

Born out of Quito, Ecuador, IMM truly has its roots in internationally focused video productions for small-scale organizations.

In 2013 our first D.C. based office was opened in Alexandria, VA. From that small 75 sq. ft. office we launched our first full fledged studio in the heart of Old Town Alexandria in 2014.

Now, we are a fully functioning, state of the art production studio with full time producers and additional support staff.

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video storytelling EDUCATION

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