InterMotion is a media production team that helps purpose-driven organizations tell unforgettable stories.

Promoting change is a challenge, but impactful stories can cause action.

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World Hope International

The 5&2 Challenge

We love finding creative and different ways to tell a story, and World Hope International gave us the chance to add stop-motion into our arsenal of animation tricks! Because who doesn’t want to spend hours moving coins around?


United States Institute of Peace

The Global Campus

In early 2015 we decided it was time to take our online courses to the next level.  What would it look like to take our proven methods for creating dynamic, online courses and give them a complete, top-to-bottom facelift with a new look and a new feel?


The Wesleyan Church

Stories of Transformation

We were tasked with gathering the most profound stories of change from churches around the country, and shaping a rebranding of the organization based around this central identity of regeneration.


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