Dana Antel's Story

About the project.


The Wesleyan Church contracted IMM to create a series of short videos to be shown at the 2015 clergy conference (The Gathering 2015).

The goal was to bring the most compelling stories that were happening in the Wesleyan Church at the time to the conference.


Our approach.


To film the series of stories we sent a total of three two-man crews out on multi-day tours of select regions of the country.

When our crews arrived we filmed interviews, pressed for the best possible stories from our interviewees and filmed b-roll footage to support the stories where necessary.


The story.


As soon as we stepped foot into the small church office in Stroudsburg, NY and began talking with Dana, we knew we had a great story on our hands.

With little hesitation, we created a set–on-site–that would complement the drama and seriousness of Dana’s story.  During the interview we dug as deep as we could to get the full scope of what he had to tell.


The results we delivered.

Although all five of the completed videos were extremely well received by the audience at The Gathering 2015, it was no surprise that Dana’s story was greeted with an extra dose of appreciation.

Its debut at the conference moved the audience to a robust applause and accolades for Dana and the story he shared were soon to follow.

Collin Belt